Are you:


Struggling to get lift-off on a new project?

Connecting to old, tired networks?

Wanting to tap into a weekly inspiration session?

if so, we might be able to help!

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Why Tuesdays? 


Research shows that Tuesday is 

the most productive day of the week.



What we do during our sessions


Reflect on our most immediate projects or challenges

Discuss a theme of the week that relates to personal and business effectiveness

Share a current project or challenge with others 

Give and receive ideas, solutions and different perspectives on those challenges




Focus on a key project

Be part of a community

Generate new ideas


Find out more

We'll send you an email giving you some options for you to join one of our next set of Productive Tuesdays session, depending on the time zone you are in.


"Being part of the circle challenges my thinking on anything from my personal life to my  professional life. It's great to have fresh perspectives on the challenges we face. Hopefully, I offer different  ways of thinking about a challenge to other members of the circle. Several brains are more powerful than one as are hundreds of years of cumulative life experience."


"The circle provides an informal coaching and mentoring platform with people from outside my daily family and business life and routine.  As a sounding board it is invaluable and having the opportunity to offer advice to others is rewarding.  It also gets me up early on the most productive day of the week."


"Being part of the circle makes me focus, think more creatively all before 8 am and I have had great insights and contributions from other members on my many ideas and support when facing  challenges too. I can also offer other members of the circle my insights and experience. I always feel inspired, uplifted and energised having hot up early and done this on the most productive day of the week . I would recommend it to people of all ages as we all have our own unique perspective to offer and can benefit from the experience and contribution of other members. It truly is a creative circle ⭕️."